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GATOR GFW-ACCESSORY TRAY MIC STAND ถาดรองไมค์พร้อมพื้นที่เก็บของ

Music Stand


SKU : 666907


  • Lightweight, durable extra-large microphone stand utility tray
  • Perfect to hold keys, phone, drink, picks, capo, slide or other accessories
  • Adjustable clamp allows attachment to various stands
  • Fits tubing up to 1.38" diameter (35mm)
  • Includes guitar pick holder for up to five (5) guitar picks
  • Built-in, 3" deep drink holder
  • Overall surface of 14" x 9" (355.6mm x 228.6mm)
  • Raised edge all the way around to prevent items from rolling off
  • 10 lbs. weight capacity