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Music Stand


SKU : 666901


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Isolating your monitors from their surroundings allows you to hear the most accurate reproduction they can provide.Gator's GFW-Isopad-SM provides an economical way to de-couple your monitors from your mix desk, console ledge, or whatever surface they're currently on. A speaker in contact with a hard surface creates a false frequency response through vibration. The frequencies most affected are in the mid and low ranges. These dense foam pads eliminate that transfer and the result is a tighter more defined low and low midrange. More importantly, you'll be hearing your speakers as they were designed so you can make better critical mix decisions. The GFW-Isopad-SM are designed to fit 5" monitors and include a reversible wedge pad so they can be angled down to fit your specific needs. Clean up your mix with a pair of GFW-Isopads.